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Our Services

Electrical installation works

- installation of electrical equipment and electrical networks at nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, co-generation power plants, regional hydroelectric power plants and gas turbine plants;
- installation of electrical equipment of substations from 35 to 750 kV;
- installation of SF6-insulated equipment of domestic and foreign production;
- installation of electrical equipment at transformer substations of 6-10 kV;
- installation and construction of cable power lines up to and above 110 kV;
- installation of power equipment and electrical equipment at industrial enterprises;
- electrical installation works on the arrangement of exterior and interior lighting;
- installation of automation, control, protection, alarm and change systems;
- installation of complete conductors and bus lines (generator, main, distribution lines);
- installation of grounding devices and grounding networks.

Commissioning works

- testing and adjustment of power transformers, autotransformers and oil reactors;
- testing of cable lines up to and above 1000 V;
- testing of inputs and field insulators up to and above 1000 V;
- testing and adjustment of oil and electromagnetic switches up to and above 1000 V;
- testing and adjustment of valve-type arresters and excess-voltage suppressors;
- testing and adjustment of internal and external sets of switchgears;
- testing and adjustment of AC motors;
- testing of grounding devices;
- testing and adjustment of electrical installations, apparatuses, secondary circuits and electrical wiring for the voltage of up to 1kV.

Electrical Control & Instrumentation installation works

- laying of impulse line systems using argon arc welding;
- installation of metering and control gages within EC&I installation works;
- installation of EC&I equipment;
- installation of EC&I stands.

Fire protection works

- installation of fire alarm systems, warning of fire and evacuation of people;
- fire protection works on the fireproof materials application;
- fireproof filling;